How to Make your Company Blog Articles Look Super Sexy?

March 13, 2016

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The way that companies have been marketing their products over the last couple of years has really changed and become quite diverse. PPC, Social Media, Display advertising and Email Marketing are only a few of the verticals now used by companies, as they try to achieve one goal – Reach, or in other words, “getting your brand out there”.

Furthermore, easy entry barriers has allowed anyone who has got a product to sell to start marketing it within a few minutes, causing most industries to be saturated with “more of the same”. Think about it, if you’ve got money to spend on marketing, then any network will gladly take it. All you need to do is open an account and presto your brand is on the world wide web, whether it’s Google Adwords, Yahoo Media Net, Facebook or any other popular distribution network – and the exposure you can get is enormous.

While the modern competitive world allows companies to immediately reach a global audience, low entry barriers have made it harder for companies to stand out from the crowd. Due to this many CMOs are implementing broader marketing strategies, trying every possible method to get their brand’s name out there, to increase brand awareness, make a sell or generate more leads. 

 Branding - Lead generation

One way that has gained recent popularity is company blogging. Once done only by professional bloggers, most companies, like ours, have added a blog section to their website. Those with budgets generate mass content trying to get their articles out there through different networks and channels or even more, to get them viral. Think about it, content that goes viral is free marketing.

While getting content to go viral can be a difficult task, there are still things you can do to give your articles more sex appeal and improve the user’s reading experience.

In this article I’m going to share with you 5 tips we use to make our blog articles look super sexy and useful.

1. Include an Image every 75-100 words

A user lands on one of your posts and the first thing he is going to do is look around. Some people will even scroll to the bottom to see how long the post is. Imagine landing on a post that looks like this.


Company Blog


Would you continue reading? Just the thought of it makes me tired. If this is not an SEO oriented article then they must be writing for robots.

Even if your content is super interesting, internet readers have a short attention spam. Break up your text with sexy pictures and captivate your audience. You’ll also be shocked to know that articles with good looking pictures get the most shares.

2. Grab User Attention with a Seductive header

Which article would you prefer to read?

“Things to do indoors with the family on a rainy day” or
“10 things that will turn rainy days into an amusement park experience”

The better your header sounds, the more of a chance your readers are going to continue reading your article. The more people that read your article, the higher chance that article is going to be shared and spread around organically. By the way, Apple does this amazingly.


Seductive copy


Use adjectives and power words that spark curiosity. Try to provide a solution in your headlines and don’t make them to long.

3)  Don’t be Afraid to Share Quality Information

Let’s clear a few things up. It’s not that I have the magic formula on how to write articles and always manage to get them to go viral. Over the years I have had some great teachers who have given me some pointers and I am always learning new things about writing, things that help me improve my company’s reach. I am not even a professional blogger. I specialise in CRO and online marketing. I just have a passion for writing. One thing I can tell you is that if you know how to do something and you do it well, share your knowledge.


Sharing Knowledge


People will appreciate your work and value what you have to say, especially if it helps them. Just remember to make sure your articles are interesting so they’re not lost in the internet’s sea of information. Oh… and the best content gives the user a sense of how to apply the information you are sharing.

4) Make Your Articles Scanable

Ok, look again at this article. Of course it’s structured in a way that takes into consideration SEO requirements but it’s also structured for the Scanner reader. Most people just don’t have the patience anymore to read long articles. And why should they? We’re being flooded with information all the time. Furthermore, most of us have become pretty shallow when it comes internet reading and just don’t have the energy to invest in reading a long article or a never ending story.




Add sub headers to your article, highlight sections and make sure your sentences are short. Try to stay below 12-15 words per sentence or break them up with commas, dashes and so on… You’re not in school anymore, so don’t be afraid to start a sentence with “And” or “But”.

Once you have written your article, read it from the beginning but this time only read the headers, highlights and other things that stand out. Would a reader understand the gist of the article from just scanning the major parts? If so, job well done!

5) End the article leaving a taste for more.

So, you’re done with your introduction and body. If you’ve got your readers to read the whole article then you can give yourself a pat on the back, because that’s already an achievement. Now, it’s time to write the conclusion, which is just as hard to write as the introduction. Most blogs summarise the article, which is can be quite boring. Why repeat information?

Instead, you can either end with a thought-provoking question or a call-to-action (CTA). There are lots of ways you can do it. Buttons, links, sentences etc… Just make sure your content drives towards an action.


call to action


I am going to be completely honest, TechSors is a marketing and development company, so our goal is to always bring in new projects and close new clients. Because of this, we always try to get people interested, show them that we are professionals through our articles and then put a call-to-action at the bottom of the article to try to get them to contact us. The results are not that bad.

If you have a product or selling a service then you might want to try the same technique. I hope it works.

So here’s my CTA – Need assistance with your funnels or want to develop a project give us a call. We’re always happy to help.


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