Do You Need a Custom WordPress Theme Designer?

February 1, 2016

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If you’re looking to create a new WordPress website you’re probably trying to decide whether or not you should base it on an existing theme and reduce costs or have a custom theme developed. You’ve probably also consulted with a different Customer WordPress Theme Designer to understand the process and estimate the costs.

Creating your own custom WordPress design can involve quite a bit of work, especially when you’re starting from scratch, but in most cases it is completely worth it. Think about it, once the site is up and running, you will have a unique site, that perfectly matches your needs.

Custom WordPress Theme Designer

In this article we will explain the process of creating a custom website and the costs involved when hiring a Custom WordPress Theme Designer.

WordPress development divides into three different options.

Option 1 – Go Solo

If you want to develop a simple blog, or a one-pager website, and you are tech savy, you can easily go online and create the website by yourself. There’s tons of material online that will show you the basics. w3School has loads of lessons that will show you the basics and take you through the process. The process is pretty simple and within a couple of hours you can have a site live, after you’ve added all your content and made slight design adjustments. This option normally caters to individuals who want to a very simple site to either showcase something or for new bloggers that want to express their thoughts in writing.

Option 2 – Get a Custom Theme

This option caters to many website owners that want to give their sites a slightly more sophisticated look. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to get a Custom Theme up and running but this option does require you to have some coding background. You might have to adapt parts of the code and change specific elements to match your needs. Furthermore, depending on the theme you purchase, you might encounter bugs or problems in the code that will require a professional to sort out. In most cases, if you don’t require a lot of customization, you can hire a WordPress customiser and the costs shouldn’t be to high.

Option 3 – Create a Custom WordPress Theme

Most business tend to go for this option as they normally require a specific design or elements on the site to reach their site’s objectives. For example a lead generation company might need a site that is designed to encourage users to sign up. An eCommerce website might want its users to take action on the site and purchase products. Some website owners design the site in a way that will improve engagement, while other companies just want a unique site that stands out from the rest. Another reason why companies choose to create a custom website is because most theme codes are bloated. A theme developer tries to cater to all types of buyers, which means that the theme has lots of options, which you might not necessarily need. This can slowdown the loading time of your site or cause errors if they are not disabled properly.

Creating a Custom WordPress Theme

The process of creating a custom website is longer than just installing a one click theme. In this process a company will require a graphic designer, someone who is professionally trained and knows colors, fonts and web design. The graphic designer will start from a clean slate and design the website while taking into consideration the company’s objectives. Only once the design is finalised by the client, then the developers take over, creating the HTMLs and connecting everything to WordPress. The process isn’t a complicated one, but it does take some time and requires knowledge. If you think you need a custom website, make sure you allocate the time for the process. Custom design requires tweaking, QA and a bit of patience. From our experience the wait is worth it and the results are incomparable.

What Costs are Involved?

Because of all of the great custom work that goes into making a custom theme, it inevitably leads to a longer timeline to execute and higher costs. If you need a website by next Friday, a custom theme is likely not going to be a great fit. Furthermore, creating a custom theme will require a team of professionals that will put in a lot of effort to customising the site to your satisfaction. Some of this work involves, building custom plugins, quality assurance and testing, project management and most important catering the site to your objectives.
Depending on the complexity of the website, costs can run from a couple of hundred pound to a couple of thousand.

Tip: Don’t be fooled by people who say that a custom website can be done in a couple of hours and is dirt cheap. Those people will take an existing theme, change a few colors and sell you the product. This often results in bad coding and ramps up costs as you will find that you will have to develop the site again from scratch.

If you’ve read through this article and understand that you need a custom WordPress theme designer, we’d love to assist.

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